Tips on Choosing a Dining Set for Your Patio

Are you planning to add outdoor dining to increase the functionality and aesthetics of your outdoor patio? You’re on the right track! Having an outdoor dining area is an investment. That’s why choosing outdoor furniture can be challenging.

With the right set of chairs and tables, you’ll have more relaxing and comfortable alfresco dining. For your convenience, we listed the tips to consider when you’re shopping for your outdoor dining set.

Consider the Size of Your Patio

When choosing a dining set, you need to consider how much space you have. Dining sets come in a `variety of sizes and so does patios.

You need to make up your mind if you need a small or big table, informal or formal setting. Most homeowners prefer having extra space or seats to make it easier to move around. It will also be more convenient to have a big dining set if you love inviting people around.

Prioritise Comfort Over Aesthetics

It’s true that most people will choose furniture based on aesthetics. However, when choosing a dining set, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable when eating or relaxing after ten minutes or so. When seating on a hard surface, your back can get stiff. That’s probably the last thing you would want your guests to experience.

Choose the Right Materials

Your outdoor furniture will be exposed to dust, debris, and harsh weather conditions. The kind of material you choose should be weather-resistant and long-lasting.

Here are some tips to consider when choosing a material:

You wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time washing, staining, and sanding your outdoor dining set, right? Choose a material that is easy to clean and maintain. Not to mention, maintenance can be an additional cost.

Low-maintenance materials like powder-coated aluminium, recycled polymer, and all-resin wicker are good choices.

Since your outdoor dining set will be exposed to harsh elements, you need to carefully choose the best material that will last for years. We recommend choosing a weather-resistant and insect-resistant material like teak.

Teak is a dense hardwood with a high oil concentration which can help resist insects and damage due to harsh weather conditions.

Another thing to consider when choosing a material is its weight. The heavier the furniture, the less likely it is to get blown away by strong winds. The downside of heavy furniture is they are hard to lift and rearrange. If you worry about not being able to lift furniture easily, go for lightweight but sturdy materials.


Once you know the tips on choosing the right dining set for your outdoor patio, it will be much easier for you to select the right materials. The tips we have given are practical and will help you decide when you start choosing your outdoor furniture.

At Joondalup Patios, we are experts when it comes to building, installing, and repairing patios. Our team has gained enough skills and knowledge from years of experience. We guarantee to provide quality services to keep our clients satisfied.

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