Simple Ways to Maintain Your Patio Furniture

Decorating your patio with outdoor furniture will make it more functional and increase your curb’s appeal. Since your furniture will be exposed to moisture, harmful UV rays, rain, and other elements, you need to ensure that they will get maximum protection to increase their lifespan.

Maintaining your outdoor furniture is simple and easy. Below are some tips on how to care for your outdoor furniture to keep it beautiful for the years to come.

Select Weather-Resistant Furniture

Buying your outdoor furniture is very exciting! However, before deciding to buy outdoor furniture, you should consider the weather conditions in your area. Your outdoor furniture will be exposed to the sun, rain, dirt, debris, and other elements that can potentially damage them and shorten its lifespan.

That’s why you should carefully choose materials that can withstand extreme weather conditions and humidity.

Cover Your Outdoor Furniture

Your outdoor furniture can get damaged by having daily exposure to harmful UV rays, rain, and other elements. A simple and easy way to protect your outdoor furniture is to cover them with water-resistant patio furniture covers.

Invest in Insulated Patio Roofing

Deciding to build a patio will increase your curb’s appeal while having a perfect spot for entertainment. Most homeowners choose an open patio. However, during extreme weather conditions, it can be uncomfortable to be on your patio. To make the most out of it, it’s a wise move to invest in insulated patio roofing.

It keeps your outdoor furniture dry and protected from harmful elements. It limits exposure to the sun and rain, thus increasing their lifespan. Unlike furniture cover, insulated roofing is permanent protection. If you want to know more about other types of patio roofing, you can keep in touch with our team here at Joondalup Patios.

Keep Them Clean

Keeping your furniture clean will prevent you from having headaches when problems arise later on. Just giving your patio chairs and tables a quick wash on a regular basis to remove grime, dirt, and pollen will keep your outdoor furniture looking fresh and clean.

You should also wash your outdoor fabrics periodically using a mild soap and a soft-bristle brush.

Store When Not in Use and During Off-Season

Extremely cold temperatures can reduce the lifespan of your outdoor furniture. Ensure that you have proper storage to extend its lifespan. A garage or outdoor shed works too. Just wash and dry your furniture before storing them.

When not in use, it’s better to store cushions in a cool and dry place. Even though you have the sturdiest fabrics, it’s still susceptible to sun bleaching, mildew, and dirt and pollen build-up.


Hopefully, by now, you already know how to properly care for and maintain your outdoor furniture from temperature fluctuations and other harmful elements. By observing the simple ways we listed here, you’re extending the lifespan of your furniture. You’ll also make your patio more comfortable, safe, and functional.

If you need to seek advice on how to make your patio more safe and functional, don’t hesitate to contact our experts at Jundaloop Patios.

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