We provide high-quality patios and decking services in Joondalup. For more than 13 years, our team designs and installs patios, pergolas, decks, and carports with a wide range of available materials and designs. We can also customize based on your specifications and preferences.

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Patios can transform your backyard from a boring paved area to a liveable and cozy outdoor area that you and your family can enjoy!

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Add a pergola to your homes to create a luxurious outdoor space and entertainment area where you and your friends can bond!

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If you are looking for a cheaper alternative for garages, carports are perfect for you. They protect your car from the elements and they are not expensive.

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Comfort and coziness are what decks are perfect for. They add an elevation to your yet-so-boring backyard where you can chill while enjoying the outdoors!

Our Promise


Above all else, Joondalup Patios value professionalism as our guiding principle all throughout the 14 years of our service. We believe that with mutual respect and open communications, we can better understand what our clients need and deliver solutions that will satisfy them.

Attention to Detail

We take our work seriously. In order to be successful in our industry, it is important that we look at every single detail with the eye of an eagle. For whatever we do, we make sure that every line is straight, every coat of paint is even, and every material is premium and high-quality. 


A respectful and transparent relationship with our clients is what we at Joondalup Patios are most proud of. We believe that you have the right to know everything about your project in order for you to make rational and informed decisions.