Why Choose an Insulated Patio

A variety of structures can work for your outdoor space but if you want a structure that can provide versatility, a patio is a good option to consider. Patios are essentially structures that provide both a shade to enjoy the outdoors and an extra space to entertain guests. As an extension of your property, a patio can provide a variety of styles to bring out your home. When choosing what type of patio you would like, however, one factor you will want to consider is the insulation of the structure.

While you may have the option to not have an insulated patio, there are different benefits that can be gained by having your patio insulated.

Differences Between Non-Insulated and Insulated Patios

A non-insulated patio features roofing that is a single-skin, lightweight material which is ideal if you have limited headroom in the building space. However, because of this, there are limited features that can be added. On the other hand, a non-insulated patio can come in a range of different colours and makes for a more cost-effective choice. The main common factor that a non-insulated patio holds with an insulated patio is that both can protect the space from heat and rain and can be used for flat or gable designs.

With insulated patios, the roofing has a thicker profile that makes it great for reducing environmental noise. To add to this, it allows the option to install ceiling lights and fans in the area as it provides the best protection for the electrical cabling and conceals them. More than providing a thicker cover for your patio, an insulated patio can provide other different benefits for your property.

What Insulated Patios Provide

Having a thicker coverage and more shade, an insulated patio can allow you to enjoy the outdoors more with an extra cooling shade and less heated space. Aside from this, with how warm some areas can be during the summer, there is a tendency to use the AC which increases energy usage. By having an insulated patio, you can rely less on your ac and enjoy the outdoors with cool temperatures for your patio.

If you are still unsure whether either type of patios would work for you, having a professional service team to provide a reliable consultation would be best. While there are different services that you can refer to, one service you will want to consider for your patio needs is Joondalup Patios.

Why Consider Joondalup Patios

If you are looking for a dependable service to help determine what kind of patio would fit best for your property, you can be assured that Joondalup Patios will provide you with quality options. As a service that has worked on a number of different projects, Joondalup Patios that all your patio needs are met for your outdoor space. If you are interested in having an insulated patio but are unsure how to have it applied to your home, Joondalup Patios can ensure that you will have a hassle-free process to fit your budget.


As a versatile structure for your outdoors, patios can provide different options for you to choose from. Out of the different options it offers, one of the more convenient options you can select is an insulated patio. Insulated patios provide different benefits including providing extra shade and an option to install fixtures like ceiling lighting. If you are unsure whether an insulated patio would work for your property even with the different benefits, having a professional service like Joondalup Patios, for example, can help determine the best options for your patio needs.

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