How to Build a Budget-Friendly Deck

There are a lot of reasons why you should add a deck to your property. It adds aesthetic and visual appeal to your home. A deck is an extension of your living space and creates a functional area where you and your family can bond or relax.

Building a deck should not be expensive. Here are some tips on maximising your allotted budget for your decking project.

Determine Your Budget and Stick to It

The first step in planning for a deck is to determine how much you are willing to spend. It would be pointless to start looking for materials, products, and services for your decking project without having a budget in mind. By doing so, you can also end up spending more than your allotted budget.

Once you already have a budget, you can start finding a contractor to help you with choosing quality materials and eliminating features you can’t afford.

Choose Materials Wisely

If you’re on a budget, you might be tempted to purchase cheaper materials. You may save a few bucks on materials right now, however, in the future, you will have to deal with additional costs on repairs or replacements because cheap materials are not as durable and long-lasting as the more expensive ones.

Always remember that you get what you paid for. So, it’s better to spend more on materials and enjoy the long-term benefits that high-quality materials have to offer.

Check Product or Service Reviews

There is a large selection of materials and decking services out there and you might have a hard time choosing which one to get. If you’re trying to follow a strict budget, it is practical to check for reviews to ensure that your money will not be put to waste. Also, by reading reviews from previous customers or buyers, you will be able to determine if you want to continue to purchase it or not.

Hire a Reputable Contractor

Are you planning to have a DIY decking project? Or would you rather settle on an inexperienced worker to save on labour costs? First of all, building a deck requires knowledge and skills. Sure, you can save on a DIY project or just hire a non-reputable worker to do the job. By doing so, you’re compromising the quality of your deck.

Hiring reputable contractors will give you a hassle-free and stress-free decking project. Professional contractors are highly skilled and experienced. This will guarantee that your deck is durable and long-lasting. Thus, avoiding additional costs on repairs.

Wait Until the Off-Season to Have Your Deck Built

Having your deck built during the off-season is cheaper compared to peak season. Most contractors or companies will charge more during summer or spring seasons because most homeowners have their decks built during those times.


As you can see, there are simple ways to build a budget-friendly deck that is designed to last for many years. Settling in cheaper materials or services can cost you more in the long run. Here at Joondalup Patios, our team is fully equipped and highly skilled in building decks that stand the test of time. If you need professional guidance and advice, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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